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Virus On Orbis 1 from PJ Haarsma

Virus on Orbis 1

Book 1: The Softwire Series

JT has always known there was something different about him, even before he and two hundred other kids landed on the first ring of Orbis. But once their spaceship lands, he is identified as the first-ever “softwire” — a human with the ability to enter and communicate with computers through his mind — and becomes the focus of intergalactic intrigue. Johnny and the rest of the refugee orphans are put to work in alien factories, and quickly things go very wrong. When the all-knowing, all-controlling, and technologically “perfect” central computer starts malfunctioning, suspicious eyes turn to JT. Is he the one responsible? This action-packed, fast-paced sci-fi novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Foreword by Nathan Fillion
Winner: ABC New Voices Honoree
Winner: Hal Clement - Excellence in SciFi
Winner: South Carolina Junior Book Award
Winner: New York Public Library - Book for The Teen Age.
"Skillfully crafted." School Library Journal
"SF fans will happily hang in with JT as he tries to stay alive and keep Orbis from being conquered from within, and they'll look forward to other volumes in the Softwire series." Booklist
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